The Rouje accessories are back to effortlessly elevate your looks. And this year, the family is welcoming new leathers, new colorways and new styles... From timeless classics to bold newcomers.

The new accessories
Bag Le J and Boots Loana
Bag Le J and Dress Charline
Bag Le J, Cardigan Raphaël and Skirt Elise

A step towards fall

See our shoes
Boots Elsa and Skirt Tony
Boots Elsa and Skirt Tony

« Boots that can go
incognito. »

Boots Céleste
Bag Le J, Boots Céleste and Jeans Marais
Bag Le J and Shirt Gwen

« Croco-like boots that draw attention. »

Boots Céleste and Jacket Sonia
Jeans Marais and Boots Céleste

Back to bags

Find your bag
Bag Baguette and Coat Marceau Bag Baguette, Sweater Angélique and Skirt Carrie
Bag Baguette and Boots Lara Bag Baguette and Boots Carla

« 90's inspirations: one Baguette, s'il-vous-plaît ! »

Bag Howard
Boots Céleste
Bag Bibi and Coat Henry
Bag Bibi cognac, Belt Nawel and Jacket Jacques
Bag Bibi burgundy

Small leather goods

Discover them this way

« A touch of Rouje on the waist. »

Wallet Kiki
Belt Nawel, Sweater Eliane and Jeans Montmartre
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