Garance Vallée - Inspirations

What are your references ?
I often re-read Gaston Bachelard’s La poétique de l’espace, a philosophical meditation about every room of a home. Jacques Tati’s films inspire me a lot, as well as the Wes Anderson’s universe. He has this marvelously detailed manner of using spaces and colors. Music-wise, I often listen to Troupeau, an album by the French seventies jazz-funk band Cortex, that became a huge reference in hip-hop samples.

Your three favorite spots ?
- The bar Chambre noire, in the 11th district of Paris, where they serve natural wine and delicious things to eat.
- The bookshop OFR has a very nice and edgy selection of books and magazines.
- Rougier et Plé, an art supplies store right next to my home, where I buy everything I need to work.