Jeanne Damas spent her childhood playing between the tables of her parents’ restaurant near Bastille. Barely taller than the counter, she liked to watch people eating, laughing, flirting, and conversing about anything and everything. In a way, that’s how Rouje came to be: from those memories, those Parisians she was observing, those women whose lives she marveled at.

Her first icon is her mother. A woman with a very distinctive feminine style. As a teenager, she used to spend hours in the atelier of her neighbor, the fashion designer Nathalie Dumeix. She starts getting into photography, in front of the lens and behind it. Over the years, she trained her eye - as a model, as a muse, and as a creative director for capsule collections. These experiences cemented the looks she creates in her mind, all sharing that special something.

In 2016, Rouje is born. Helped by a tight-knit group of creative friends, Jeanne directs and reinvents her dream wardrobe season after season: clothes designed by women, for women. As well as accessories and a beauty line, made to highlight women’s own personal styles and to let them express their femininity freely.

“I like the idea that when a woman is wearing Rouje, we notice her first, then what she’s wearing.”
Rouje is the sum of inspirations and desires. The strong women from Almodovar’s films, their impatient ways, a tweed jacket that’s almost kitsch, a stroll in Belleville, the freedom to be overdressed or underdressed. And above all, a love letter to all women.

Inspirations and eras converge: here are some of the references that form Jeanne's world.

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