A few days spent in Tuscany, at the Villa Lena. A place where artists in residence can express their creativity - and where Rouje settled down for a long weekend.

You're coming?
Dress Gabin and Earrings Audrey
Dress Laura and Earrings Audrey

Gabin and Laura are back! Two iconic styles now available in très cool prints and flowy fabrics, perfect for the height of summer.

Our dresses
Top Flavia and Skirt Eliot
Top Amber and Jeans Concorde
Top Flavia and Skirt Eliot
Our skirts
Top Elyne and Skirt Denise
Top Elyne and Earrings Audrey

Some of this collection's innovations: crisp cotton tops, handwoven crochet or English embroideries. Easy and flattering silhouettes, designed for la dolce vita under the Mediterranean sun.

Our blouses & tops
Cardigan Giovanna and Jeans Concorde
Dress Mallory and Earrings Audrey
Dress Mallory and Mules Arlette
La Palette Signature
Top Malia, Sunglasses Maryline and Scrunchie Loulou
Dress Flora and Earrings Audrey

Sun-kissed cheeks and rosy lips: Rouje Beauté is also getting ready for the summertime.

Rouje Beauté
Dress Flora
Top Flavie and Jeans Concorde

La Mamma is a fresh and floral print you'll want to wear on your feet, arms or all over. Inspired by a dress Jeanne Damas' mother used to wear, it's one of our signature prints of the season.

The print of the summer
Cardigan Enzo and Skirt Denise
Body Inaya and Skirt Denise
Rouje Denim
Dress Mathilda
Dress Silvia and Sunglasses Maryline
One-piece Océane, Skirt Gomes and Bag Alek
Top Rosa, Cardigan Giovanna, Belt Nawel, Bag Tom and Jeans Concorde
Our summer knits
Top Lois and Jeans Concorde
Top Lois
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