La palette Visage


The first iconic, versatile and buildable face palette. Made of good for you ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter, to create melting and nourishing textures, easy to apply all over the face.


Three fine shimmer highlighters, champagne, gold, and bronze, to apply with the fingertips for instant radiance.


Rosewood, coral, and plum, three flashy shades for a dewy look.


Creamy textures that melt on the skin with made to measure intensity, for a natural look.


Up to 99% ingredients of natural origin for a good for you and clean textures: cacao butter, jojoba and coconut oils.



La Palette Visage assembles six shades in an elegant packaging with tortoise patterns. A palette designed like a decorative object, inspired by vintage powder compacts. Essential, intuitive, and on-the-go.

Discover the palette

Apply on the cheeks and nose for a glow effet and on the eyelids, to brighten the eyes.


Apply on the cheeks for a natural blush effect.


Discover the new face Palette by Les Filles en Rouje. Lightweight and buildable, the palette contains your face essentials for an on the go highlighter and blush effortless application. Thanks to its good for you ingredients, the textures are creamy and melt on the skin for a fresh instant glow effect.

More light

Three super fine shimmer textures to apply with the fingertips, for an instant glow. Apply the highlighter on the nose, cheekbones and eyes for a radiant effect.


Dewy cheekbones

Rosewood, coral, and plum: three flashy shades that lay a veil of on your cheeks and lips, for a healthy glow look.


The tortoise case

La Palette Visage is composed of six shades, in an elegant case with tortoise patterns. Inspired by decorative objects such as vintage compacts and jewelery boxes, the palette will be your essential go to makeup must have.

Discover the palette


Coconut oil
Moisturizes and protects
the skin

Jojoba oil
Antioxydant, rich in
vitamins A, E, and D

Cocoa butter
Nourrishing and anti-aging

Bee wax
Protects the skin


How to use it

Experience the palette by mixing the shades and create your own. Apply the textures with your fingertips for a natural effect. Level up the makeup result by adding multiple layers.

On the eyelids, to illuminate the eyes.
On the cheeks and lips, to underline the cheekbones and highlight the lips.

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