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150 ml
150 ml

A double face cleanser that does it all


A double face cleanser that does it all

Naturality 97%
Made in France
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A double face cleanser that does it all

A three phase texture that effortlessly removes any stubborn makeup and gets rid of all impurities. A soft jelly consistency that melts into an oil when in contact with the skin and emulsifies into a smooth milky texture when washed off. ​

Enriched with pink grapefruit and papaya extracts with detoxifying and enzymatic properties that give that instant glow and floral acids for hydration.

97% of natural origin ingredients.

Cleanse - Effortlessly removes any stubborn makeup.
Purify - Deeply cleans out of impurities.

Pink Grapefruit extract = detoxifying properties + moisturizing ​
Papaya extract = exfoliating + adds glow ​
Floral acids = balancing

Step 1. Apply on dry skin. ​
Gently rub for a few seconds on the face and neck until the texture turns into oil.

Step 2. Add some water to transform the texture into milky foam. Rinse with warm water.
For fully clean skin, it is recommended to repeat these steps twice to ensure all residue is removed.

Clean, Vegan, Made in France.
Pink Grapefruit extracts, Fruits and Floral acids.

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  • 90% found that their skin is perfectly cleansed
  • 81% found that their skin is detoxified
  • 81% found that their complexion is more luminous and fresh
*Study carried out on 21 women aged 25 to 60, for 28 days.
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